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Just letting you guys know that A Light In The Dark has now been officially scrapped and as such, there will be no more chapters. It was just getting to the point where I realised that the central character had no real depth or personality and I absolutely hated him (not the hate you'd feel for a villain - that's a good thing. This is the sort of hate you'd have for a terribly written character.) And without a solid central lead, it won't matter how good the plot, setting or anything else is - it would be impossible to become invested in the work. So, yeah. I've ended any progress on that.

However, I am in the process of writing something new that will adapt and adopt some of the other ideas/characters from ALITD that I actually quite liked and will (hopefully) go towards making something better with better lead characters that I personally feel more comfortable and happy with as an author. I do feel better about writing this one already, though of course I do fear similar things happening again. I am notorious for starting and then never progressing or finishing novels because I get bored or end up hating my work. Time will tell, I suppose.
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United Kingdom
A writer first, a fighter second.

Hey there. How is everybody doing? My name is Sam, and I am best known for opening my mouth before engaging my brain.
If anyone needs to talk, I'm normally the type who doesn't mind listening.
My friends are everything to me.

I am a meltdown given human form.

Please don't feel like it's necessary to thank me for favouriting your work. If you want to, then fair enough. However, providing art that means something to you for the others on here to see is more than thanks enough for me. Just keep doing what you're doing.

If any of my work has a warning on it, it's there for a reason. Please don't choose to ignore these warnings and then complain to me because what you read has upset you. A lot of what I write concerns things that many people find unpleasant.

I have a degree in Forensic Science.
I also have trust issues and instabilities. Sorry about that.
I am a guy with long hair. Ooh.
I most often wear band t-shirts and jeans of some description.
I miss the days when I could be irresponsible without consequence.
I have an aversion to growing up.
I am always a dreamer, rarely a realist.
I don't, and never will, talk about my past in depth unless I know you REALLY well.
I am addicted to RPGs, especially the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts games.
I love science and nature.
I play the violin.
One of my greatest passions is writing. I particularly enjoy writing poetry and fantasy.
I also love to draw and paint, although I'm not as good at those.

Despite my shyness/introvert personality that can seemingly border on just plain cold at times, I am often the one that people feel they can come to for advice. I like to think that I am an approachable person (well, sort of...) and like making new friends - if you'd like to talk or know more about me (within reason), feel free to drop me a message. I will get back to you. I promise you that I'm not always THAT antisocial.

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